Iranian language

Iranian language
the modern Persian language spoken in Iran
Syn: ↑Iranian
Derivationally related forms: ↑Iranian (for: ↑Iranian)
Hypernyms: ↑Indo-Iranian, ↑Indo-Iranian language
Avestan, ↑Zend, ↑Gathic, ↑Persian, ↑Farsi, ↑Dari, ↑Dari Persian, ↑Tajiki, ↑Tajik, ↑Tadzhik, ↑Kurdish, ↑Balochi, ↑Baluchi, ↑Pahlavi, ↑Pehlevi, ↑Pashto, ↑Pashtu, ↑Paxto, ↑Afghani, ↑Afghan, ↑Ossete, ↑Scythian

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